Pre-Treatment Deeply clarifies Remove residue & Buildups Prepares the hair for Treatments Exclusively developed for hair before keratin treatment. The unique deep cleansing formula not only clarifies hair deeply and removes residual build-up, but also opens hair cuticles to prepare the best hair environment for keratin or Botox treatment. It’s must for a perfect keratin /Botox Treatment.

Directions for Use:
Apply Kerador  Clarifying shampoo on wet hair, create lather and wait for a minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat twice for Chemically – treated hair and three times for virgin hair.

| Cleanses hair |
| Remove buildup & residues Deeply clarifies |
| Prepare hair for Treatment |
| maintain moisture |
| Reiuvenates |
|Formulated in France|


EAN 7102022710103



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