Brazilian Keratin


Developed to replace the lost protein in Chemical process, heat or due to environment. It returns elasticity, ecomposes the structure of the strands, leaving the hair stronger and revitalized. Contain various amino acids ingredients to rejuvenate dull, tangled and dry hair. This special formula that helps replenish the natural keratin in the hair, transform‐ing wavy, curly or frizzy hair into beautiful, smooth & shiny looks an nourishes your hair naturally through the use of heat and penetrate from root to tip.

| Affordable price |

| Improves the Texture of the hair immediately |

| Reduce Frizz without damaging the hair |

| Repair the hair inside out |

| Long lasting soft and shiny hair |

| last up to 36 wash |

EAN 7102022710110




Step 1

Wash and massage on the hair with Clarifying shampoo Pre‑Treatment to 1‑2 times, let it work on for a while and rinse, blow the hair depending on hair texture.

Step 2

Divide the hair into sections and apply the Kerador Brazilian Keratin Treatment with a brush evenly.Comb and massage the product into each section of the hair

Step 3

Once the keratin has been applied all over, remove any access product using a fine tail comb several times on each layer and wait for 40 minutes 100% blow dry the hair

Step 4

Section and straighten the hair with a flat iron that can reach 230ºC, going over each section 10 to 15 times. The temperature should be adjusted according to the condition of the hair

Step 5

Next day, wash the hair with the Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. to reserve and extend the effects of the treatment for a longerperiod.

Brazilian Keratin


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