Step 1

Wash and massage on the hair with Clarifying shampoo Pre‑Treatment to 1‑2 times, let it work on for a while and rinse, blow the hair depending on hair texture.

Step 2

Divide the hair into sections and apply the Kerador Brazilian Keratin Treatment with a brush evenly.Comb and massage the product into each section of the hair

Step 3

Once the keratin has been applied all over, remove any access product using a fine tail comb several times on each layer and wait for 40 minutes 100% blow dry the hair

Step 4

Section and straighten the hair with a flat iron that can reach 230ºC, going over each section 10 to 15 times. The temperature should be adjusted according to the condition of the hair

Step 5

Next day, wash the hair with the Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. to reserve and extend the effects of the treatment for a longerperiod.